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Meet the Jury: Dr. Oliver Trinchera

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Meet Dr. Oliver Trinchera on the Startup Alm 2016. Oliver will complete our jury team providing you with highly valuable feedback to kickstart your own entrepreneurial journey based on his experience as Managing Director at KINEXON.

Oliver cofounded KINEXON together with his partner Dr. Alexander Hüttenbrink in 2012. KINEXON, privately held and headquartered in Munich, is focused on the development of precision localization and motion sensing solutions. As a solution provider, the company offers its customers a portfolio consisting of software, hardware, and services. This includes for example small wearable devices, smart analytic engines, and cloud-based web services which makes Oliver the perfect jury member for our ‚Connected Lifestyle‘-Theme.

Some more details on his company KINEXON: KINEXON powers the internet of things with smart location and motion data to improve processes and products in terms of quality, costs and time. Together with his team at KINEXON, he is determined to develop cutting-edge solutions that are highly precise, thoughtful and easy to use. Their core product, Kinexon ONE, is an innovative real time location and motion sensing solution. Besides location and motion it also detects the condition and status of people, objects and workflows. The core of the system is the Kinexon CELL – a small and lightweight sensor that tracks the 3D position and orientation of people and objects with centimeter accuracy (<<10cm). The sensor operates seamlessly, i.e. both in indoor and outdoor environments. A cloud based smart analytics application transforms the data and provides the user with valuable and unprecedented insights. Data can be accessed from any internet enabled device such as PC, notebook, smartphone or tablet PC (e.g., iPad). KINEXON has received a number of awards for its innovative solutions, for example as Overall Winner of the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2013 that is supported by the European Commission, the European Space Agency ESA and the German Aerospace Center DLR. Further awards include, for example, the Best Presentation Award of the ESA Investment Forum 2013, the Cyber Physical Systems Idea Challenge Award 2014 of the EIT ICT Labs, and the Smart Digital Award 2014 of the State of Bavaria.

Get more insights into Oliver’s broad knowledge of a number of sectors such as industry, healthcare, logistics, retail, sports, robotics and unmanned aviation. Use your chance to learn more about his journey turning from a former scientists of Technische Universität München into a successful entrepreneur and how to build a company from zero to 40 employees.

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On 23. Oktober 2016

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