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Meet the mentors: Mikko Mannila

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Mikko Mannila, Founder & CEO Stattys

Mikko is supporting with his broad experience of being a successful entrepreneur and developer of innovation consultancy methods and environmental friendly products for visualizing the brainstorming process. His expertise ranges from business model generation and strategy development to marketing & branding.

Mikko moved from Finland to Germany in 1991, and spent over 20 years working in management positions in small, medium and large multinational companies. In 2008, he decided to become an independent consultant. In early 2010 Mikko established Finnovations GmbH, where he is the Managing Director and main shareholder. Finnovations is a German company with close ties to Finland, focusing primarily on marketing innovative products from Finland, like the „Leand & Agile Kanban Boards“.

Besides that, Mikko invented the famous Stattys Notes – a great tool for temporary visualization, creativity, innovation and solution finding. Stattys Notes are sticky notes which adhere to nearly all smooth surfaces and provide a unique Write & Slide function without glue.

Already last year, Mikko provided us with one huge printed Business Model Canvas for each team, including his Stattys Notes, to quickly develop a valid business model. The pic is showing an intensive work session from last year on the canvas. We will explain you the canvas step by step, so you will know how to use it during the weekend and for future business ideas.

business model canvas


And this year, you will get the best insights by Mikko himself as he will also join the Startup Alm as a mentor and share all his experience from being a innovation consultant and entrepreneur.


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On 1. September 2016

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