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Watch out Alm Friends! We’re currently ironing our Lederhosen and planning all the new „features“ we like to add to our „Startup Alm 2.0“. Today we want to introduce one of the news: Startup Alm Pre-Events!

As we (and hopefully you too) can’t wait to start going up to the Startup Alm, we will do three smaller events taking place during the summer. There are several reasons, why we do this:

  1. We’re able to excite you about this years motto of the Startup Alm: „Connected Lifestyle“. During the events you’re able to connect with all different kind of people with inspiring thoughts, how modern technology is changing our daily life.
  2. We want to pack you with some useful tools that will make your Startup Alm experience more successful. We’d like to share some information on what kind of methods you can find out there in the „startup universe“ and how to apply them effectively.
  3. Last but not least: it just shortens the time we have to wait for the Startup Alm 😉

Our first pre-event will take place on Tuesday, June 14, starting from 6pm. We’re delighted that we’ll be hosted by Payback at their offices (Theresienhoehe 12, Munich – between the subway stations Theresienwiese & Schwanthalerhoehe).The networking part of the evening will be in the „Spielzimmer“ (playroom) and we already tested the „Bälleparadies“ (ball rig) for you, as you can see below.

As the seats are limited, please register at Eventbrite for your free ticket.

The dates and locations for the next pre-events will be announced soon – so stay tuned!

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On 12. Mai 2016

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