Meet the Mentors: Julian Boyce

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Our Software Development guru Julian Boyce brings all the expertise you need to get your bits and bytes right. He is currently engaged as a Software Developer at EXTEDO, a key software and service solutions provider, after eight years working as Software Engineer at gutefrage.net and Yahoo! Deutschland GmbH. Furthermore, he graduated in Computer Science from Technical University Munich and University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Julian will help you with questions regarding web development, e.g. to just name a few PHP, Scrum, JavaScript and MySQL.

Five questions to the mentor:

  1. What does ‚Future Mobility’ mean to you?
    Future Mobility is a fundamental change to when, where and how we achieve the same goals and successes of past generations.
  2. What motivates you to coach teams on Startup Weekend – Die Alm?
    I’m happy to support young entrepreneurs in my local area in hopes to build a better startup ecosystem in Munich.
  3. What business model is great example for ‚Future Mobility‘?
    Business Model: Collaborative Consumption (Share Economy)
    Future Mobility Example: Car Sharing and Cars as a Service
  4. Which area of mobility needs to be disrupted?
    Energy consumption. But we’ll leave that to Elon Musk.
    In a sentence: The lack of information about real world objects around us.
    As we achieve greater mobility we are exposed to more physical objects in new environments and lack useful information about them. Tackling the absence of information we have about these objects we come into contact with is being address by the so-called Physical Web. The disruption has already begun.
  5. Where do you integrate mobility into your daily life?
    As a freelancer I move from coffee shop to coffee shop while working and always need a good WIFI connection. When I find a spot with a good connection that’s not too crowded with a good vibe I track it on a Google Map.
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On 26. Oktober 2015

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