Mobility Hot Topics: Parking & Sharing

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One of our last blog posts was about the New Mobility World @ IAA and we wrote about the different areas of mobility that were represented. When you have a closer look at different „Future Mobility“ startups, you will find out that there are two very trending topics: parking & sharing.

That’s why we want to present some startups from these two areas:


The startup parkpocket gives you an overview where you can find free and cheap parking spaces at (underground) car parks and P+R areas in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. With this information you know whether you can park in a certain area before you stand right in front of the parking space.

ParkTAG is going one step further and wants to predict available parking spaces. Via the users smartphone the system is analyzing the behavior of the car owner and knows when a parking space will be available again several minutes before the current parking car leaves. For example ParkTAG recognizes when someone is getting from the shopping center closer to his car or if someone is disconnecting from the wifi and therefore leaving the house.

A perfect combination between parking and sharing is Parkplace. With this solution you may offer your private parking space to others at certain times or you can find and rent a cheap parking space from others.



The shareconomy is already widely spread across the mobility industry. That isn’t surprising as cars and scooters are normally quite expensive and most people think twice whether it’s worth it to own it.

If you want to rent a car from a private person you should have a closer look at drivy for example. The same idea is also working for companies: With the corporate car sharing solution ubeeqo enterprises can organize their car pools. You want to have a completely different experience to discover your city? – What about checking out the e-scooter sharing startup eMio. And if it’s raining you can take the taxi and share it with someone else: SHÄRE a Taxi will help you!


For Startup Weekend ‚Die Alm‘ – Future Mobility it’s not important whether you can create your own idea with this inspiration or you just work together with others on their idea. You just have to be keen to work on solutions for our daily mobile life of tomorrow. If you’re ready to join the 3 day adventure, we’re looking forward to getting your registration:


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