Meet the mentors: Adam Juras

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Adam has launched his first startup in 2008 and was involved in more than 6 ventures up to date. Having an extensive experience in web & mobile development, he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty with anything that has to do with building a successful product. In 2013 he founded where he is managing partner, helping clients to innovate using the lean-startup process.

Make sure to reach out to him when trying to find a product-market fit, defining the MVP or when you’re simply stuck. He can surely help and has a couple of cool stories, too as he is part of the winning team of the previous edition of Startup Weekend Munich.


Five questions to the mentor:

  1. What does ‚Future Mobility’ mean to you?
    First thought that comes to one’s mind would be autonomous vehicles, but in reality the term is much broader than that. The evolution of means of transport wasn’t that innovative in the past decades if you look at aviation or the automotive industry, but lately major tech players like Google and Apple announced to join the game. Exciting times!
  2. What motivates you to coach teams on Startup Weekend – Die Alm?
    It’s uplifting to see that sparkle in people’s eyes when they come up with an idea and want to push it through, that’s the best motivation one can have. I also had my fair share of receiving good advice, so I’m always happy to give back.
  3. What business model is great example for ‚Future Mobility‘?
    There’s much buzz around the sharing economy’s influence on mobility, several interesting models there.
  4. Which area of mobility needs to be disrupted?
    I would think about use-cases and real-life examples, then coming up with solutions. Eg. how do all the employees of a company go to the job every morning on similar routes, how can you optimize that.
  5. Where do you integrate mobility into your daily life?
    Most of the time I’m using means of transport where I’m not just the passenger, but the engine, too (eg. bike).
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On 18. Oktober 2015

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