Meet the Judges: Tim Freystedt

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Tim oversees the business of Amazon’s digital devices such as Kindle and FireTV in Germany. He will primarily judge concepts by the customer needs they are addressing, uniqueness and scalability. Previous to his role at Amazon, Tim held leadership roles in blue chip companies across different industries such as McDonalds, Unilever and T-Mobile. He lives in Munich, is married and has three young kids.


Five questions to the judge:

  1. What does ‚Future Mobility’ mean to you?
    Faster, cheaper, more comfortable.
  2. What motivates you to coach teams on Startup Weekend – Die Alm?
    The vibe. It’s amazing and stimulating to see what young talents can achieve during a weekend.
  3. What business model is great example for ‚Future Mobility‘?
    DriveNow (share, don’t own). RyanAir (focus, kill the frills). And of course, Amazon (have you heard about PrimeNow?)
  4. Which area of mobility needs to be disrupted?
    Wheelchairs. We send men to the moon but can not come up with a solution for climbing stairs – seriously?
  5. Where do you integrate mobility into your daily life?
    We have three kids that go to daycare, kindergarten and school. Plus they do sports and meet friends. Believe me, with kids you need to be more mobile in daily life than you want to be.
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On 16. Oktober 2015

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