Meet the mentors: Christo Papanouskas

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Christo Papanouskas is the founder of Assassin Design. He likes to come up with at least 100000 new ideas for all areas of life and advertising and to think and work them through while strolling with his dog Simba, working on his macbook or in discussing. Besides his tasks as designer, he is also the one who dances with clients and colleagues to ensure the design and development of the perfect product.


Five questions to the mentor:

  1. What does ‚Future Mobility’ mean to you?
    Mobility always means freedom and the possibilities of the future lies therein – to give back freedom to the people who live in overcrowded cities.
  2. What motivates you to coach teams on Startup Weekend – Die Alm?
    I’m motivated to help young teams to refine and improve their concepts resulting in a lean and versatile startup. 
  3. What business model is great example for ‚Future Mobility‘?
    City bikes are a good starting point for future mobility, but they are just the first step towards a fantastic new future of mobility be it in the city, in the countryside and for the world as a whole.
  4. Which area of mobility needs to be disrupted?
    I think the transport systems of big cities are one of the fastest growing problems, which have to be solved.
  5. Where do you integrate mobility into your daily life?
    Our office is adapted to integrate mobility in our life, nobody has to sit for hours and look straight at the screen. We take our devices from room to room with us, to work where we really like to: Checking mails in the kitchen and a cup of coffee, creating new ideas in the library, organizing thoughts while strolling with Simba, meeting with clients and still being with the team and part of the whole working process. Everybody moves more, lives healthier and happier and gains freedom.
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On 15. Oktober 2015

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