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Meet The Judges: Tim Ruhoff

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Tim is a born mobility-rebel. He never owned a car, never thought about buying one – because he went anywhere by bike or train.
In April 2010 he founded his company, the Next Generation Mobility – and… bought a car, of course, a special one: a Tesla Roadster.
The Business Model was quite simple, he rented the Tesla Roadster for Events, took part in eRallyes, and made hundreds of people enthusiastic about eMobility. Always knowing that he did not yet determine the perfect Business Model, he calculated hundreds of business cases, failed, tried a lot and in the end (to keep the long story short) he created fleetster, a Corporate CarSharing Software.
Since 2012 fleetster is sold on the market and hundreds of companies manage their pool cars with fleetster. And, without doubt, fleetster is not the end of the story. Fleet Management and Travel Management Tools are already in development. To change from Metal to Mobility.

And as a judge, Tim will bring a nice award to the Startup Alm – so stay tuned and register for one ticket!

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On 10. Oktober 2015

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