Six Creative Ways To Brainstorm Ideas

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When it comes to brainstorming ideas for Startup Weekend ‚Die Alm‘ – Future Mobility, you might want to use these six creative ways to brainstorm:

  1. Mindmapping: The method of brainstorming creates a visual representation of terms and ideas that can generate creative content. Just simply start with your central idea and then branch it off with correlating ideas.
  2. Right Braining: Sketch incomplete images, then try to stick them together and generate new ideas e.g. a general topic can be social media and you take a phone and some charts = your idea can be a solution to receive stats on your mobile phone.
  3. Provocative Actions: Look at things differently. e.g.. turn the furniture in a room upside down.
  4. Break & Build: Break down a general thought into more detailed pieces or build up ideas to reach a broader viewpoint.
  5. Pessimist vs. Optimist: Conservations between a pessimist and an optimist can as well create new solutions.
  6. Randomness: Start with a general idea, then take a random object and list words to describe it. After that, pick the words from the list that can relate back to your general idea to form your solution.

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On 6. Oktober 2015

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