Google trains self-driving cars to break the law

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What do Google and the Startup Alm have in common? Both want to shape the future mobility!

Google is already well known for developing and testing self-driving cars. After several millions of test kilometers, it seems that there is coming up a new issue: the Google car is driving „too ideal“ and thus is not behaving like a real human being. Maybe this „unhuman characteristic“ is leading to accidents although a Google car has never been directly responsible for any accident.

Now Google wants to train its self-driving cars some „human behaviour“ like crossing drawn through road markings or cutting the curve at junctions. One human habit is already implemented: speeding. The Google car is already trained to follow the traffic flow and may go until 16km/h beyond the speed limit.

The next Startup Weekend Munich is the special edition #startupalm and won’t break the law, but will focus on developing new ideas and business models around Future Mobility. If you join this adventure we will make sure that the bus shuttle from Munich Central Station to the location – which also includes your bed – is driven by a human bus driver :-)

Read more about the new Google car in the German article on t3n:

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On 5. Oktober 2015

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