3.5 Reasons to Spend Last days of October at Startup Weekend Die Alm

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3.5 Reasons to Spend Last days of October at Startup Weekend Die Alm
If you ask yourself: “Am I an entrepreneurial thinking person?” What comes to your mind?

I bet some confusion and doubting or, maybe, confident “Yes” will come up right
However, questioning yourself is not enough to discover more about who you are in reality. You definitely need an action, you definitely need an experiment. Today, if you want to be successful you need to do things, not assume.

What about going completely away from the city and concentrate during 52-hours on business creation activities? Sounds interesting? Good for you, such event is organized here, in Bavaria, by Startup Germany.


Imagine: Fresh air, authentic scenery views, somewhere in the fields cows are walking with ringing bells and you are actively creating new business ideas for a better future. Does this make sense for you? Then while you are evaluating how much you want to join the Startup Weekend managed chaos, here are three and a half convincing points for you.


Convincing point # 1. People. 

1467405_1108080152552201_1493230960574302757_n 11118846_1107688335924716_2514730765553319403_n 22400_1111301002230116_4844519783293524388_nNo matter what is one’s background, hobbies, interests, ideas, anyone is welcome at Startup Weekend. Imagine the greatest mix of people, creativity and non-stop learning by doing. You will be empowered by people, you will collaborate to discover completely new things and build new businesses. There is great chance to meet your future co-founder, partner, new research fellow, mentor, party mate, colleague or even friend.  Experienced and successful entrepreneurs will support you, facilitators direct you and industry leaders will evaluate your final efforts. Never before it happened that you could extend your network so fast and so wide in one weekend. 

Convincing point #2. Skills


In 52-hours you will have a chance to try multiple roles: leader, facilitator, listener, idea generator, realizer, “elevator pitcher”, planner, evaluator, critic, dreamer, entrepreneur and maybe even successful CEO. You will learn fast from your team, from your personal research, follow the advice from mentors and come up with your own brilliant findings. Lean method skills in building businesses will be your new achievement as well as idea generation techniques, market research tools, finance planning, business model validation, consumer surveying, prototype development and public presentations.

Convincing point #3. Results.


Over 8,000 Startups have come out of the 1,500 Startup Weekends to date. Every year more and more people are going through this experience to realize their goals, dreams, ideas and, finally, step further than just imagining to be an entrepreneur. Some of them today developed world-known startups, some of them started second round of investments and some are just set up to gain the credibility from their customers. Startup Weekend gives a valuable impulse to make things happen.

Convincing point #and a half.  Rock ‘n’ Fun.

1499668_1102329386460611_5399529233026444364_n 11203043_1102329586460591_2032641428560869522_nThe atmosphere of complete concentration on business creation surrounded by the Alps definitely gives the right vibes. Networking days and nights, drinks and food, working space with nature right at the doorstep as well as “let’s do it, baby” mood will change your perception of entrepreneurial world. Time to bring Mobility to Future!

Let’s make things happen?

And move innovations forward? Don’t wait other 3.5 reasons to join this amazing opportunity. Simply press “Yes” inside yourself and then on our website.

Get tuned already now with our Facebook page:

We are looking forward to Rock this world together with you from 30th of October to 1st of November at Schwangau, near by Neuschwanstein castle.


Article written by Kate


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