Meet the Judges: Magnus Schmidt

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In May 2014, Magnus Schmidt founded the world’s first free-floating scooting sharing provider that offers scooters with electric and gas engines under one roof and focuses on integrated digital technologies. Previously, the renowned expert for online marketing and business development worked in various senior positions – most recently for the PAYBACK GmbH. There he became head of the newly created Digital Marketing in June 2012. Further stations with leadership responsibilities included the United Internet Media AG, webmiles GmbH, a subsidiary of Bertelsmann Group and the provider of mobile marketing solutions YOC AG. As a marketing and sales specialist Magnus Schmidt focuses on holistic approaches digital value and already published several technical articles on the topic of digital communication. just recently gained a new investment by Lencke Steiner at the well-known TV-show ‚Die Höhle der Löwen‚ and have just announced to expand their scooter offering to Cologne.

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On 9. September 2015

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