Adlerhorst Aerial View

Startup Weekend Location: Adlerhorst Schwangau

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Who wants to know how our location looks like? Today we want to give you a little sneak peak.

Adlerhorst Aerial View
The Adlerhorst in Schwangau is located next to the Alps and when we will drive there by bus from Munich main station we will be able to get a glimpse of Schloss Neuschwanstein before we will pull in to a little road that will lead us up to the house where the fun will happen.


AdlerhorstThe Adlerhorst is structured in a big hall where we will have our breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. You will also find a terrace to relax and a ping pong table room in the cellar. The house itself contains 92 beds in 6 units.


This exceptional plan allows respectively two groups to have their own living area, which consists of double and shared rooms, private shower and toilet area and a lounge area. There, you will be working with your team to turn your ideas into reality.

For our main sessions we have a hall upstairs with a beautiful view to Forggensee and the mountains.
So, are you in? We are looking forward to have an awesome weekend together.

Get your tickets here: Tickets

For those with food allergies, please contact us and we will arrange something for you.

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On 8. August 2015

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