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Today, we want to introduce you to an interesting new startup in the mobility segments.


Kim has recently interviewed Tarek, founder of skujou, and we hope, this will give you some mobility inspiration and some good vibes for the weekend.


The Hamburg-based e-mobility Startup skujou has launched a campaign for the battery-powered scooter ’skujou cruise‘ on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter ( which is running until the 10th of August. The skujou cruise aims to fill a gap in the urban mobility sector. Many city residents already use public transport, a car-sharing service or a bicycle to commute to work – for cost and environmental reasons.


‚The problem with driving to work by car is that you are always confronted with traffic and finding a parking space,‘ says Tarek Garir, founder of skujou. ‚Public transport is not always the perfect choice for those who need flexible departure times and do not like to stand that closely next to other passengers during rush hour on the bus or train. Cycling provides the most environmentally friendly and fastest way to get from A to B in the city. However, it consumes energy, which you need in the office or for leisure activities.‘


Tarek Garir initially studied physics, but decided in 2011 to switch to an economics degree at the University of Hamburg. In 2013 he founded lassmalessen and started working for the venture capitalist platform Funders Club in Marketing & Research. In November 2014 he founded his second startup skujou.


  1. What does ‚Future Mobility‘ mean to you? Future Mobility to me includes latest concepts to solve problems of existing mobility systems. Future Mobility will offer me time savings and ways of transportation when, where and how it suits me best. Something like a plug & play-concept. Future mobility concepts should as well step back from fossile fuels. Not only out of cost reasons, but resources are shrinking and there is e.g. a future with powerful battery technologies lying ahead of us.
  2. Which area of mobility needs to be disrupted? In general, small players are challenging big companies in several areas. But one doesn’t always need to rethink existing solutions. I like Tesla as they try to find completely new business niches. The automotive industry is a classic example of being behind on electric cars, so this segment is and will be disrupted. Then there is public transportation and the problems of load factors, using fossile fuels, high cost structures, etc.
  3. Where do you integrate mobility into your daily life? It is basically my personal way to work or to university. I am living in the north-east of Hamburg the distance to the university is 10km. It takes me one hour by public transportation. It is nearly the same by car as you get stuck in traffic jams and to find parking lots is costing time as well not to mention costs for false parking. Going by bike is faster but as you get there you are covered in sweat and its tough exercise. Skujou closes this gap because it now takes me just 30 Minutes and I arrive relaxed and fresh.
  4. How and when did you decide to start your own business? I always knew I wanted to found a company and be self-employed. In school and at uni I was always involved in side activities like at MTP, a Marketing Association for students. While studying I founded my first startup lassmalessen which is now paused due to skujou. When I was working besides my studies at Funders Club I decided to start skujou. I always loved scooters and having the backup from Funders Club allowed me to take the leap.
  5. What is skujou about? skujou is trying to redefine mobility in cities, so people can focus on the important things in their lives.  Skujou is an electro-powered scooter that let’s you commute fast and effortlessly through the city. The name ’skujou‘ is actually a combination of the terms ‚Scooter‘ and ‚Joule‘, the unit of electrical energy. The customer gets an app as well, the brain of the skujou. The app analyzes the data like speed, battery status and will offer various services to complete the skijor experience.
  6. What would you recommend somebody wanting to start his own business? If you have an idea and you are convinced that it is going to work then start immediately. Don’t overthink it and just do it.
Skujou Founder Tarek

Skujou Founder Tarek













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